Frequently Asked Questions --

*1. Customs and Duties*

- Ensure compliance with local regulations before ordering. All items are declared accurately concerning description, value, and origin. - Customers are responsible for any duties or tariffs assessed by customs. Refusing packages due to assessed duties may result in account termination.

*2. Delivery Guarantees*

- We offer guaranteed delivery. If a package is lost in transit or goes missing, we will either refund or reship based on our discretion. If it is seized by local customs due to lack of compliance, we reserve the right to determine adequate compensation. If it is a common occurrence, your account with us will be terminated.

*3. Address and Delivery Issues*

- Ensure the correct address is provided. We are not liable for non-deliveries due to incorrect addresses or if packages are refused and confiscated.

*4. Product Compliance and Regulations*

- All products come from a bonded warehouse, and no excise duties have been paid in any jurisdiction. - It's the customer's responsibility to inform us about specific health warning sticker requirements before placing an order. - We will not undervalue or falsely declare consignments.