Frequently Asked Questions --

*1. Guaranteed Delivery*

- If your package goes missing or is lost in transit, we will refund or reship at our discretion. Repeated claims may lead to account termination.

*2. Damaged or Moldy Items*

- For items arriving damaged or moldy, resolutions such as partial credit, partial refund, or full refund upon returning the box will be offered. - If you request the box remains sealed before dispatch, we might not be held responsible for its condition upon arrival.

*3. Returns*

- A full box can be returned without a specific reason. Prior notification and a clear picture of the cigars' condition are required. Upon receipt at our warehouse, a full refund will be issued.

*4. No Refunds for Subjective Reasons*

- Refunds will not be issued based on taste, draw, construction, or aroma due to the natural variance in tobacco products.

*5. Incorrect Address or Refused Deliveries*

- We are not responsible for non-deliveries due to incorrect addresses or if packages are refused and confiscated.

*6. Final Decision*

- iHavanas reserves the sole and final decision in handling disputes.